ABOUT ME and How I Help

Dr. John  N.M.D.  D.A.Hom  Dipl.Homtx

- Naturopathic Medical Doctor - Diplomat American Academy of Clinical Homeopathy - Diploma International Institute of Homeotoxicoligy


Board Certified since 2006

Naturopathic Doctor
Master Homeopathic Practitioner


Fellowship Member of

The American Alternative Medical Association

The Institute for Human Individuality

American Association of Drugless Practitioner

International Institute of Homeotoxicolgy



From Classical to Clinical Homeopathy, Homeotoxicology, Homeopathic drainage, Bioenergetic Stress Testing, Personalized Bach Flower blends, Nutritional Wellness, Non-Invasive lab tests.


 Also available for you and your healing needs. Prayer to remove: generational curses, blocks that keep you from feeling Gods Presence, Deliverance/Salvation from demons/torments in the mind, body, soul. Remove there right to be in your temple and be set Free to live a life

 FULL of the LOVE of God, the way it was intended for us.


We only use RX Practitioner Grade Homeopathic, Herbal, Vitamin and Mineral Formulas.


Lab tests include: Hormone Testing, Vitamin D Testing, Thyroid Function Testing, Food Allergy Testing, Amino Acid Profile, Heavy Metals Testing, Parasite Testing and Live Blood Educational Observation.