Homeopathy is a natural medical science founded by Dr Samual Hannamen over 200 years ago; which has been used successfully for a wide variety of ailments including many that modern science has failed to help. 

Homeopathics are FDA registered drugs made from minute amounts of crude substanes from the plant, mineral or animal kingdoms that are diluted down to energetic levels. They work to boost your body's own vitality, returning you to homeostasis (balance.)

Homeopathy is, Like curing Like, 
As saliva of the dog that did bite;

The harm a large dose can instill

Helps a person with similar ill. 

The dose is minute; it can strike

At ill health till a cure is in site, 

And life again filled with delight.


Such tiny amountys feed our cells,

They rebuff such great lumps of stuff

As the allopaths like to put in, 

And which lurk in the blood like a sin

Tis' the miniature does which tells

The body; "Hey, halt. That's enough."

And the ill melt away in a huff.


- K. Samuel

A cure from within to without,

Or else above to below.

The ills we were feeling within

May later appear on the skin;

Or the pain we talked much about,

Will move down from the back to the toe.

"But I FEEL so much better you know."


The depression and gloom that we felt, 

Or anxiety worried us so, 

Irritation that lately possessed us,

A weariness greatly distressed us -

All of these troubles began then to melt, 

Away like mist and teh snow -

"And I feel so much brighter you know."